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  • Californias history

    California\'s history is unique. It has been shaped, in part, by its geography. California has four main regions. The temperate coastal region, the Central Valley, once an inland sea, the desert, and the mountain region. The imposing Sierra Nevadas caused California to develop in relative isolation from the rest of the na ...

  • Native americans in california

    Native Americans in California Archaeologists have long theorized that the earliest humans in the American continents came there from Siberia. During the last great period of glaciation, the ocean levels dropped below the continental shelf between Alaska and Siberia and exposed a large continuous landmass that we call Beringia. The land crossing wa ...

  • Los angeles-

    Table of contents 1.) FACTS a) Area b) Population, Inhabitants c) Parts of the city d) Languages e) Nicknames 2.) INFRASTRUCTURE a) Mountains b) Rivers c) Streets, Roads, Freeways d) Climate, Weather 3.) SITUATION TODAY a) Economy b) Tourism c) Poverty 4.) SIGHTS a) Disneyland b) Little Tokyo c) Hollywood ...

  • Kalifornien

    California This talk is about the United States state California. California is a state located on the west coast of the United States. It ´s borders are the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and the Mexican State Baja California. History The californien coast was discovered in 1542 from portuguese Cab ...

  • The grapes of wrath by john steinbeck

    Plot Synopsis with its Analysis Tom Joad is hitchhiking home after being released from the state prison on parole. He has served four years of a seven year sentence. He catches a ride with a truck driver who takes him to the road which leads to his family's farm. As he is walking the rest of the way, he meets Jim Casy, an itinerant ...

  • Californien

    California is a land of contrasts. You can find the highest mountain (Mount Whitney - 4,418 metres) only some miles away from the lowest point on the western hemisphere in Death Valley (-86 metres). The hottest recorded temperature in the USA (56,7°C) was there as well. But it\'s only hot in the South of California. The North of this state is coo ...

  • Arnold schwarzenegger as the governor of california

    (his economic policy as an example) In a speech on September 24, 2003, shortly before the recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the economic policy in California at that time and what he would change if he became Governor. The most important fact he refers to is the taxation, which is already shown in the subtitle of his speech: ...

  • Australien/vergangenheit

    Describe the social problems in England during the time of industrialisation! Most families were very poor. Even their children had to work and they often died because the jobs were very hard and dangerous. Men often did not became a job and so they were forced to steal. It was the only way they saw to get bread for them and their families. ...

  • Australia artikel

    1) Schools in Australia o Lessons have come by the radio network o E-mails make communication between students and teachers easier o Email is used to send, check and return lessons to students o Teachers regulary visit remote homes to help students and parents o School camps offer a chanc ...

  • Australien - australia

    1) Schools in Australia o Lessons have come by the radio network o E-mails make communication between students and teachers easier o Email is used to send, check and return lessons to students o Teachers regulary visit remote homes to help students and parents o School camps offer a chanc ...

  • The first european came to austrailia

    The first inhabitants of the continent of Australia, the Aboriginal peoples, migrated from somewhere in Asia to Australia about 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. The Aboriginal people walked to Australia across land bridges, and sailed between the islands of Southeast Asia. At that time the sea levels were lower than what they are today. These people qui ...

  • The songlines by bruce chatwin

    1. Author: Bruce Chatwin was born in Sheffield in 1940. After visiting Marlborough School he worked as a porter at Sotheby's. Eight years later he was still working at Sotheby's, but now he had become one of the youngest directors. Between 1972 and 1975 he worked for the Sunday Times. Then he went to Patagonia for six months'. This trip inspired ...

  • Australia2

    Australia General Things: Official Name: Commonwealth of Australia Size: 7.682.300 km² Population: 19.358.000 Biggest Cities: Sydney - 3,7 Mio, Melbourne - 3 Mio, Brisbane - 1,3 Mio, Perth - 1,2 Mio, Adelaide - 1 Mio, Newcastle - 429.000, Canberra (Hauptstadt) - 310.000 Einwohner. Official National Language: Englisch. Population groups: Australien ...

  • Bushfires

    Bushfires: - fire"³one of the most paradoxical phenomenons in the nature - 1.:most destroying one of the 4 elements "³ lane of devestation and death - 2.:donate life - autralian outback ("³arid vegetation"³sun): BF=natural phenomeneon Fire climate: - geograph.location+topography of A."³almost all vegetation types"³fire prone"³ few high mountains, n ...

  • Australian national parks

    The first laws to protect the country\'s scenic areas were passed in Tasmania in 1863. In 1879, the Royal National Park was established south of Sydney - Australia\'s first, and the world\'s second national park. Since then, about 3200 national parks have been created in Australia and Tasmania, covering more than 40 million hectares land - 5.3 p ...

  • Immigration australia

    The Kooris, the first australian people have lived in Australia for more than 40.000 years. Since 1788, Australians of european background have lived there also. They either migrated or are descended from people who migrated. By 1868 no more convicts from British prisons were sent to Asutralia and all migrants were free settlers. For many, many y ...

  • America's history

    10 000 years before Columbus came the Indians lived along the Mississippi. They had their own form of economy and they were independent. 1492 Columbus came to America. The Spanish and the British were the first settlers, who were interested in more and more land. And America was/is big! They began trading the natives; they called them "wild" a ...

  • George w. bush

    George W. Bush jr. George Bush jr. is a member of a big politician family. His father George Bush sr. was US President from 1988 to 1992, his brother, Jeb Bush is governor of Florida and his mother, Pauline, organises election campaigns. Bush jr. has been governeor of Texas since 1994. His tactic in the election campaign was to distratc from his de ...

  • Short economic history of australia

    Economic history: Since european settlement in australia in 1788 many changes have been made. The land has been developed for settlement and farming. Dams for storing water have been built so that during the dry summers and long dry drought periods there is enough water for the population and some farms. As well , mineral resources such as coa ...

  • Australia's history-

    Australia is a country of contrasts. It is as big as the USA without Alaska, but has only 17,1 millions inhabitants. The first humans, who already came 40.000 years ago, were the aboriginal inhabitants from Asia. But its written history began only 200 years ago with the beginning of the colonisation of the continent through the Europeans in the s ...




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