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Treasure island by robert louis stevenson

author: Robert Louis Stevenson was a scotisch writer. He was born on the 13th of November 1850 in Edinburgh and died on the 3rd of December 1894 in Apia/Samoa. Stevenson studied lawyer but he earned his money with the writing of fabulous traveladventures. Since his childhood St. was consumptive and so he lived in France and in Switzerland because of the better climate. In 1883 he wrote "Treasure Island" which became his biggest success and made him rich. With the money he afforded to live on the Island Samoa. After a lot of stories of the scotisch history he created the representation of a divided personality in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1886).

Persons: Jim Hawkins - the landlord's son

Dr. Livesey - country doctor
Mr. Trelawney - the squire

Ben Gunn - a maroonded man
John Silver - ship's cook

Captain Smollett
Buccaneers (pirates)

Summary: The story plays in the 18th century. There are buccaneers who robbed ships and buried the haul on an island years ago. One of the man had a map with the exact notes of the treasure. Alcohol and brutality are deciding the action - the aim is the treasure.
This map was handed over to the country doctor Livesey by the landlord's son Jim Hawkins. Dr. Livesey visited Mr. Trelawney, the squire, and showed him the map of treasure island. Trelawney was immediately willing to buy a ship and sign on a crew to find the treasure together with Livesey and Jim.
Captain Smollett a honest man with good knowledge of human nature didn't please the crew. They were former buccaneers and knew each other. Among them Mr. John Silver, the ship's cook, who was as bad as the others but he hided his cruel interests under his friendliness.
After a long journey on sea the ship got to the island. Now two groups constituted: One group with the buccaneers, who were headed by Silver and the other very small group wih Livesey, Trelawney, Jim, Smollett and a few servants of the squire. A lot of fights killed people on both sides.
Three years ago the pirates maroonded one of their mates, Ben Gunn, on the island because they thought he betrayed them. This man found the treasure and handed it to Mr. Trelawney to return with him and the rest of his man to Bristol.

The three pirates who survived had to remain on the island. Silver, a man who always looked after his own interests, asked for forgiveness and got off the ship at the next harbour with a sack of money and vanished.
The treasure had been divided by Mr. Trelawney.

Comment: The adventure novel "Treasure Island" is told in an exciting manner and the several characters of the people are well described. The involved people had been undertaken all troubles and fights to get the treasure.



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