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Tourism in austria

After three weeks of more or less hard work, we, the pupils of the 6c proudly presented our project Tourism in Austria on the 12th and 13th of March. Some 4th, 5th and all upper classes had the chance to come into the biggest room of our school, which served as a background for many different actions.

Since the beginning of the second term, we were collecting material about tourism. There were several groups that worked independant on different topics like \"Eigenbild - Fremdbild\", Ski tourism and its consequences, the changing of villages through tourism, the ecological influences and so on. One group interviewed the foreigners at our school: the language assistents and the ex-change student. The teachers helped by sacrificing their lessons and searching for material. Thanks!

And then, of course, all of us were very excited in the first lesson of the presentation. We were all dressed up in traditional costumes (Dirndl or Steireranzug), that was perhaps one reason why the nice austrian folksong, which was followed by a original folkdance, was so popular with the spectators. After this rather relaxing start we presented our posters and afterwards Claudia and Miriam showed and explained the effects of tourism on nature on the overhead projector.
Then there was some time where the visitors could walk around on their own. While we played the Danube waltz and offered traditional austrian specialities (Verhackertbrot etc.), they could look at the posters, ask us questions or watch the documentation that Jan filmed about Ski tourism in his halfterm - vacation. A real attraction was the computer program, that Oliver and Robert had designed in many hours of work in the Info - room. The game is called Toursim (tourism simulation), because you have to build up a tourist village that attracts as many tourists as possible. You can still buy it in our class for 20,-.

In the last 15 minutes of the presentations we showed either the not totally serious documentation about the rituals of Austrians or the very humerous film about an austrian farmer family. Three times the last group performed their sketch after the satire \"Seid nett zu Touristen!\" by Ephraim Kishon. By the help of fast improvisation little break- downs were no problem at all.

We had a poster on which everybody could give us his opinion about the project. We could see there that the pupils really liked our presentation. And like our headmaster Mr. Polzhofer said, I also think that we can be proud on our work. We had much fun while we were working and of course while we presented everything. This project is another example how worthful the EAA project at our school really is. Of course we had to do the films and some other things in German, because of the dialect and so on, but most was in english. Good english, I hope.



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