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The client

"The Client" was written by John Grisham.

The man persons are:

Mark Sway, an eleven-year-old boy who knows a terrible secret.

Ricky is his little brother.

Reggie Love is a 52-year-old woman who is a lawyer.

Barry the Blade is a member of the Mafia in New Orleans.

Jerome Clifford is Barry's lawyer.

Roy Foltrigg is a US government lawyer. He thinks that Mark has a secret.

Mark and Ricky are in the woods to have a smoke, and suddenly they see a man in a black car. The man wants to kill himself. He has put a rubber tube into the tail pipe of the car and the other end through a window. Mark pulls it out, but the man sees him and takes him into the car. He tells Mark that he is Jerome Clifford, the lawyer of Berry the Blade. Berry is a member of the Mafia who told him that he had killed a senator and had hid the body under Cliffords garage. Nobody knows it, only Clifford and the Mafia. Now he is afraid and wants to kill himself. Mark gets away, but the man steps out of the car and shoots himself with a gun. Ricky sees this and falls in a shock.

Mark calls the police, but he doesn't tell them about the senator's body. Roy Foltrigg, the government lawyer thinks Mark knows something. Ricky is in hospital and doesn't say anything, because he is still in shock. Mark goes to Reggie Love for help. He asks her to be his lawyer. The FBI say he might have to go to prison if he doesn't speak. Barry the Blade threatens him not to say anything, or he will kill him and his family. They even burn down the trailer.

The judge orders that Mark has to get to prison. Thy want him to be safe, and they want to scare him so that he talks. But Mark has a plan. He pretends to have a shock, and on the way to the hospital he breaks out and calls Reggie Love. They drive to New Orleans. In the night they go to Cliffords house and find senator's body. The police comes and everybody says that Mark is a brave boy.


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